1GameCell dedicated to apply and expand of block chain technology in the game area. 2Create a fair, free and transparent playing environment 3Building the world's first chain game development community

GameCell is a game aggregation platform based on blockchain technology.We aim to be a basic game chain or the game OS in niche blockchain game ecosystem.

Distribution Platform and Community

GameCell distribution platform and community is created for developers to develop&publish applications and players to download them,They can communicate there.

Developer Platform

GameCell developer platform provides chain framework,with which developers can develop games.And we also provide system encapsulation module,including account management module,database structure and social system module,etc...


Trading Platform

GameCell trading platform is created for developers,players to trade game props,game coins and GCC.


Open a new
game era

Gamecell game ecology,is a deep application block chain technology
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on blockchain technology

A new project in the game industry
Team technology





About HyperIO

HyperIO,A platform that helps you design, build, and run games without restrictions.No need to worry about running a game server, you can also focus on finding fun.

HyperIO is a cloud-based platform that gives you the tools and infrastructure to quickly deploy games on a large scale to create games that go beyond traditional server architecture design constraints. Use our SDK to stitch together many game engines and servers, build games with familiar engines and your own workflows to create a rich, long-lasting online world.

Support Games

Blockchain Game Vision

GameCell Vision: Full support to all kinds of games
You can write games for HyperIO by downloading our SDK and using your preferred game engine and tools to build locally on our PC or Mac using our API. When you're ready, upload, deploy, and run your game on our unique HyperIO distributed cloud platform, and your players can connect like any other online game.
Run and manage online games
Developer application platform
GameCell Developer Environment
The GameCell development platform is a developer application platform. Developers develop chain games on the chain framework we provide, and we provide additional system package modules.
Comprehensive development software

GameCell provides system package modules, including account management modules, database structure, social system modules, etc., and we will provide a full set of game development kits based on GameCell public chain, allowing developers to develop chain games.

Open source library with abundant game resources

GameCell rewards game developers and major contributors in the form of tokens, encourages game developers to open source or auction repositories to ensure a virtuous cycle of game ecology, and the GameCell development team provides enough development plug-ins and repositories.

A big developer community

Working with multiple gaming communities and game vendors, more than 500,000 game developers will be deployed in GameCell in the future, and thousands of game products will be born in the GameCell game community.


  • gamecell是面向全球游戏开发者的公链。使用来自世界各地的游戏创作者的即用型游戏资产,将您的创意项目变为现实。
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